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Emergency Medical Services need to have all the specialized equipment to aid the patient in case of emergency. The list of EMS Equipment that should be possessed by the paramedic can vary from a basic stretcher to a complex item that is used in units of intensive care as well as in operation theaters. Usage of equipment depends on the skills and qualification of the paramedic. As we know that paramedic works in a pre- hospital environment, so it is important that the equipment used by him should have built- in batteries. All these specialized equipment can be easily availed from QuadMed. It has all the products, from A to Z, which can help the EMS department.

Let us see some of the major equipment that must be present with the EMS and can be obtained from QuadMed

Jump Bag

It's a must-have thing for a paramedic as this bag is used to carry the surgical sundries like Syringes, bandages, drips etc. This bag is a better choice than a first aid bag as it is more comprehensive. Other than this, it can carry up to 20kg of weight in it.

Bag Valve Mask

This device helps the paramedic to provide oxygen to the patient, who is facing some problem in breathing, manually. Its size varies for an adult, child and baby. This equipment is attached to an oxygen cylinder and when the paramedic squeezes the device, the oxygen reaches the patient's lungs.

Suction Unit

Suction Unit is used to deal with the patients who are having some severe respiratory complication. The equipment is employed to suction secretion or any kind of fluid which is obstructing the patient's airway.

Spinal Board/ Trauma
The spinal board is basically designed for the patients who are suspected to have some spinal injuries. It is an unpadded stretcher which can provide a rigid support to the patient. A combination of this stretcher with the 'spider harness' and 'head blocks' can help in further securing the patient to the board.

ECG Monitor with Defibrillator

This ECG Monitor is used to check the patient's ECG on the built- in screen. While the Defibrillator helps the paramedic to jump-start the heart so that the electrical impulse of the heart can make the heart beat properly.


This machine is used by the ALS paramedics who have high skills and knowledge. This device is designed in such a manner that it can mechanically flow the air directly into the lungs of the patient who is either not breathing or is respiring inadequately.


The Heamogulcometer is one of those devices without which the paramedic cannot perform his function properly. The paramedic needs to know the glucose level of the patient before providing any medication and this meter helps to do so.

Kendrick Extrication Device

Most of the victims that an EMS comes across are of traffic collisions. This equipment is used during extrication of the victim from the vehicle. The KED is a semi- rigid brace which keeps the head, neck, and torso in a neutral position reducing any further injuries to these regions.

Cervical Collar

This collar is wrapped around the neck to minimize its movement in case of patients who are suspected to have head or neck injury.

All these equipment discussed above are just some of the many pieces of specialized EMS Equipment. All of them with various other equipment's are available at quadmed.com. This site is your reliable source for quality equipment providing an extensive selection of products with reasonable price along with responsive service, quick delivery, and seamless ordering.

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